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Learn the technology, land your dream job

Cisco NetAcad

The biggest tech classroom in the world!

VMware Academy

Learn IT basics and virtualisation.


Cisco’s online platform with free tech courses.

Other Partners

Microsoft, FortiNet and other prestigious vendors.

Our Services

Curriculum Support

Identification of courses which match your current offerings or you would like to add to your curriculum.

Instructor Training

Recruitment, training and certification of instructors to run your classes.

Other Services

LMS platform support, issuing certificates, career counseling, quality assurance, classroom setup.

Our Goals

Cultivate innovative thinking and problem-solving skills among students and professionals.

Promote inclusivity and accessibility in IT education

Extend the reach of IT education to every corner of our local community and abroad.

Increase interest in IT and Computer Science among kids, high school students, and adults

Provide career counseling and guidance to learners

“Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Where should I start?

Educational Institutions

If you want to offer the best tech education to your students, reach out to us for a meeting. We can provide access to Cisco Networking Academy courses, VMware Academy and other.

Student or Professional

If you want advice on certifications, tech training and education, contact us for a free consultation.

Anyone who Loves to Learn

Go to Skillsforall.com, register and start learning!

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